THE APPRENTICE Season 10 Episode 5 Recap

On THE APPRENTICE, this week the teams were given the task to create a viral marketing video for Popcorn, Indiana - a popcorn company. The teams met the heads of the company, as well as the minds behind the viral hit ‘no pants subway ride’, to get a better idea of what they want out of this. Once they figured out it was all about integrated the brand with the stunt they picked the team leaders. Even though Wade had said in last week’s boardroom that he would lead Octane the next go around, Clint was set on heading the team. He knew that with another weak team leader the guys were a goner, especially with David still on the team. Mahsa, of course, stepped up as team leader and off they ran to their respective war rooms.

The ladies on Fortitude decide to base their video on folks who can’t stop eating the popcorn, not even when they workout. Not sure where the stunt is in watching a bunch of people exercise and eat popcorn, but Mahsa and the rest of the team were psyched about the idea. Tyana, last week’s winner and mortal enemy of Mahsa, wasn’t so gung ho on the idea and recommended that they needed something bigger and bolder. Thinking she would delay any progress, Mahsa sends Tyana along with Polly and Liza, who apparently weren’t contributing, to buy costumes and supplies, while the other woman continue to tweak the creative.

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