BONES ''The Maggots in the Meathead'' Review Season 6, Episode 3

In this episode a corpse of a body builder is found buried in the sand on the beach near the Jersey Shore. Delving into that world, Booth and Bones are put on the case and have a lot of suspects to question. There is some trouble understanding the natives, but luckily Bones has been watching the tv show (thinking it was a documentary of course) and handles the translations for Booth. First they think it̢۪s the jilted ex-girlfriend, then possibly the bouncer who got caught by the victim distributing steroids. In the end though, it turns out it was all about ice, of all things. A bartender mistook the victim for a jerk that was always stealing ice from him (because the two were wearing the same shirt that night) and he lost his temper and beat him over the head.

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