The Office Episode Recap: "Scott's Tots" Season 6, Episode 12

Michael must inform a group of children that he can't fulfill a promise he made to them 10 years earlier. Elsewhere, Jim steps up to maximize office morale by launching an Employee of the Month plan.

Our pre-show opens with a conversation between Michael confronting Andy. Apparently, Andy is "baby voice talking" too much! And there's proof; the office is complaining. Yet another random we "must have a meeting about this" moment in the Scranton branch. (Creepy yet classic!)

The office is having a case of the Mondays, and Andy convinces Jim that an Employee of the Month program will brighten up the future. Of course, Dwight has engineered the entire debacle — and Dwight promises that Jim will be fired within the span on 5 hours.

Michael is down in the proverbial dumps and says that he's done the worse thing possible — "worse than killing someone." What is it? Scott's Tots! Ten years ago, Michael promised a group of third graders that he'd fund their college education. It's safe to say that this is not going to happen on a DM salary — even with a co-manager's salary. As Pam states many times over: "This is terrible, terrible thing Michael's done. Terrible!"

Dwight has delusions that he is the only person fit for Employee of the Month. And more than that, he feels there should be a cash prize. So Dwight goes about the office collecting twenties from each of his co-workers.

Michael arrives at the school to break the news, and he steps into a standing ovation. The students welcome his return, as they would a king. (Yes, there's even a hip hop dance-and-rap number!) Telling the kids that there's no college money is not going to be pretty. But for first time ever — and despite his "better judgment" — Michael does the right thing. He stands before the class and simply says, "I will not be able to pay for any of your college." Needless to say, they do not take it well.

Meanwhile, back at the office, the Employee of the Month award goes to employee No. 9. And employee No. 9 is...Jim! The office immediately goes haywire, especially due to the cash prize. But, they decide to give the award to the second in line, employee No. 3. And employee No. 3 is...Pam! Things are getting fishy, and people start complaining — well, more like Dwight calling headquarters and feigning complaints about his co-workers. (Hysterical!)

Of course, Dwight thinks all of these miscommunications and misconceptions will lead to a firing. And it almost seems this way when David Wallace calls. Except, after a stern talking to, all it does is brings Jim and his boss a little closer together.

The episode wraps with Michael talking to his new secretary, who has accompanied him on this journey. She lets him know that "Scott's Tots" has a higher graduation rate than anyone else in the school. Perhaps that, in and of itself, is a good enough thing to counteract the "terrible-ness" of his unfulfilled promise.

All in all, I loved the episode. What a situation Michael got himself into! And Dwight's conniving ways? It was so obvious that his plan would backfire — but seeing him imitate his co-workers was worth the predictability. What did you think? Have you ever promised something you couldn't deliver? And more importantly, have you ever been Employee of the Month?

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