FlashForward Episode 10: "A561984" - Recap

In this week's episode, we first cut to - appropriately enough - an old version of A Christmas Carol at the exact point grouchy Ebenezer discovers he will be wanted by three spirits. Watching Scrooge learn of his nearing visit from a future spirit is none other than Demetri's future spirit so to say, the mystery woman who told him he would die March 15.

Meanwhile, we cut to Mark and Demetri arriving in Hong Kong after receiving strict orders from Stanford not to go. Before leaving the airport, Mark's cell phone is already ringing non-stop with calls from Stanford and an FBI agent who knows everything from their birthdays to badge numbers warns the two to get out of Hong Kong or risk losing their jobs. Mark picks up the phone in the middle of a heated discussion with FBI Agent Marshall Vogel and tells Stanford he tricked Demetri into thinking Stanford had approved the trip. Mark hangs up on Stanford and tells Demetri that this way, even if he is fired, Demetri will keep his job. Mark and Demetri still don't know the name of the mystery woman but linguists have pegged her down as a Persian educated in London so he's confident they'll be able to track her down.

As Mark and Demetri step on FBI territory and ruin Stanford's Christmas, the rest of the world is preparing for a press conference that promises to explain the origin of the blackout. This obviously dates back to two episodes prior when Lloyd beat Simon in that high stakes game of poker.

The press conference is stationed in Palo Alto at the headquarters for the National Linear Accelerator Project. Backstage, Simon urges Lloyd to stick to the talking points and not let his guilt or grief for his dead wife affect his speech. Lloyd introduces himself and Simon's work has focused on "reproduce the kind of energy levels that existed right after the Big Bang" but on a much more controllable scale. Lloyd then explains that he and Simon were conducting a related experiment on the day of the blackout that, in fact, precipitated the blackout. When pressed further, Lloyd says their experiment seems the most likely culprit in what caused the blackout. Simon quickly steals the podium and says there was no way to know the experiment would cause something like the blackout.

Demetri asks if their confession means MOSAIC is over but Mark seems far from convinced that this is as black and white of a case as it seems and says the game is not over.

Lloyd takes the podium at the press conference to apologize one more time about what happened during the blackout. He explains that his own wife died during it and assures the public there will not be another blackout because all of their experiments are being put on hold indefinitely. Moments later, a woman ends the press conference with a bang - literally - by shooting a gun at the podium. Simon berates Lloyd backstage for taking blame for the incident because in his mind, there is not enough empirical evidence definitively linking their experiment to the events of Oct. 6. Simon threatens war with Lloyd before walking away.

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