Recap Trauma: Season 1, Episode 3 - Bad Day At Work

Marisa comes across a bad car accident during her morning jog. She assists the victims; one man on a motorcycle is hurt more than the others: his eyes are popped out of his head! Marisa pops them back in. At work Glenn is impressed with Marisa's abilities, but Rabbit teases her.

Nancy tries to sneak off Brad's boat but he catches her. She can't change the way she is, but Brad convinces her to stay for a little longer. Meanwhile, Boone and Sela get close in bed, but they are still having trust issues in their marriage. Sela will not sleep with Boone without a condom.

Boone vents to Nancy and Tyler about having a tough time at home. Glenn, like a puppy, excitedly greets Nancy, but Nancy isn't as peppy. Tyler teases Nancy, who claims she is turning over a new leaf. It's already been 34 days and Nancy still hasn't slept with Glenn.

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