Virginia Madsen Heads To Red Riding Hood

Chalk another one up to Catherine Hardwicke’s new take on the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale: Virginia Madsen has joined the cast.

The medieval-set Red Riding Hood brings some new elements to the story, with Amanda Seyfried as the titular heroine, a girl who flaunts her family’s wishes by falling for a lowly, yet hunky woodcutter (Shiloh Fernandez). Trouble is, her folks want her to wed the local blacksmith (Max Irons).

And then there’s the very small problem of the werewolf picking off villagers in the area, with Witchfinder General (Gary Oldman) aiming to take the beast down. Grandma in this version will be Julie Christie, a lady who might know more than she’s letting on about the hairy howler, given that she knits with silver needles.

Madsen, meanwhile, is taking the role of Seyfried’s mother, the woman who is trying to convince her wayward daughter to stick to the family plan and also to stay out of the woods. Which might seem like pushy parenting, but with a drooling lycanthrope haunting the forest, we sort of see her point.

Shooting on the movie is already underway in Vancouver, and Warner Bros. plans this one for release early next year.

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