Video Blog: TRON LEGACY Set Visit

It’s Friday, June 26, 2009. I’m sitting across the room from Jeff Bridges and he’s talking about playing Kevin Flynn in Tron: Legacy. All around me are the most amazing concept drawings of what the film is going to look like. If fans could see what Disney has planned for them in this room they’d be counting down the days till the film gets released.

Last summer, when the movie was being filmed, Disney invited a few lucky online journalists to the Vancouver set. At the time, Tron: Legacy was shrouded in secrecy and the few of us that walked on the set were treated to an amazing visit and given a ton of access to the story, shown the practical sets, and we were able to interview the cast. Since that day, I’ve waited patiently, wanting to be able to recount all of my experiences on set and to be able to tell you what I saw and learned.

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