Recap Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 3, Episode 15 - Consequences

Faith's plan to hide her accidental murder in the last episode fails when Finch's body is quickly found. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce orders her and Buffy to investigate and see if anything supernatural was involved. Buffy and Faith sneak into City Hall to try to find out what Finch was doing in the alleyway in the first place; although all of his papers have been shredded, they do learn that the Mayor is in league with Mr. Trick. Privately, Faith asks if Buffy is going to turn her in, and Buffy isn't sure. After some deep thinking she decides to tell Giles what happened, only to discover that Faith has already told him that Buffy was the killer. Luckily, Giles easily sees through the lie, though he lets Faith think he believes her so the gang can keep closer tabs on her and get her off the slippery slope she's on. During a meeting of the gang, Xander tells the others that he slept with Faith. Buffy and Giles are openly surprised; Willow tries to play down her reaction but ends up crying alone in the bathroom. Xander tries to reason with Faith, only to have her try to kill him. He's rescued by Angel, who tries his own brand of reasoning and seems to be making progress. Unfortunately, Wesley has also learned what happened and goes by the book, yanking Faith away for trial in England. She quickly escapes, and plans to hop a boat out of Sunnydale. Buffy finds her, but their meeting is interrupted by several vampires led by Mr. Trick. As he is about to bite Buffy, Faith stakes him and saves her. Buffy returns to the library, sure now that there is still good in Faith. However, in the final scene Faith offers her services to the Mayor.


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