So You Think You Can Dance: Nigel Gets Serious with the Paula Invite

Paula Abdul's left American Idol, and if you've been reading up on what Nigel Lythgoe from the other side of the fence is saying, then, well, you might really want to expect to see Paula on So You Think You Can Dance--as early as tomorrow night, actually.

"I think we will [invite her], for the Thursday [finale]," he told "I certainly will invite her. There might still be time but I'm not sure there might be seats!"

Well, actually he said before that he wants to see Paula become a judge on the show, and he admits it's long been his plan. "I've offered her a judge/choreographer [position] ever since season 1," he said. "But of course, Fox said, 'No, no, we can't have her judging So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol.' So now, if she remains free from American Idol, she's got no excuse."

But maybe not as a permanent judge, he admits. We all know the current set-up: Nigel, Mary, rotate. "I only really like three judges," he said. "That's why I never had four on Idol."

Aha! Subtle commentary? Anyway.

"This is something that happened last night," he added. "So not a permanent role, because at the moment there's Mary and I. But I don't know where the show's going to go after fall. So we'll see what happens. I also like Adam Shankman, I also like Debbie Allen, I also like Lil C, Shane Sparks..."

In other words, he's keeping his options open. Then again, having four judges does spoil the soup, sorts, come to think of it.

One thing he's confident about, though, is that if he does get Paula as a judge, SYTYCD'll get a boost of sorts. "I think she's a brilliant judge," Nigel continued. "I think she's really supportive of everybody and everything that she's done in her past--dancer, choreographer, judge, performer--she's perfect."

Maybe as long as she doesn't stutter her way--Mary screaming is enough. I think, at least.

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