Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: Sept. 10, 2009

Rule No. 1 of Big Brother: Expect the unexpected. That's just what happened Thursday when the remaining houseguests learned that all three of them would be in the house until finale night. Rather than showing the usual final eviction Thursday, the hour only concluded Phase 1 of the head of household competition and showed Phase 2 live. Plus, a few special guests stopped by to chat about this season, and Jeff makes his entrance in the jury house. So, who will still be in contention for HOH when the finale rolls around? Let's find out.

We left Kevin, Natalie and Jordan spinning on the log Tuesday, and that's where we pick up. Despite suffering through rain, snow and wind-blown leaves, all of the houseguests manage to stay on the log for three hours. (Though Natalie had a very near wipeout.) With everyone beginning to tire, especially Jordan, both Kevin and Natalie pounce. Natalie tries to make Jordan think about Michele being alone with Jeff in the house (Jordan says, I know Jeff is only thinking about me!) and Kevin tells her that by shivering, she will warm herself up. Aside: I hate the smirk on Natalie's face. She thinks she's so smart, and it just makes me angry.

Jordan, maybe distracted by the others or maybe not, is caught off-guard when the log begins to roll again. She can't keep her balance and falls off. Kevin then tells Natalie to drop, reminding her that she said days earlier she would let Kevin win the endurance competition because she is better equipped to take Jordan out in the "mental" portion of the competition. Natalie agrees, but wants to make sure Kevin will take her to the end, reminding him that if she doesn't trust him, she can hang there all night to outlast him. Kevin swears on everything he can, and Natalie finally drops. (Too bad Kevin tells us in the diary room that he will betray Natalie as soon as he can because he can't get votes over her in the end. Woo hoo!)

But is that true? It seems like others in the jury house have slightly turned against Natalie because of her lies. Jeff's entrance shocks the jury house, but both Russell and Jessie are happy to see that he didn't run away with the game. It's hilarious how skewed Jeff's view of the game is now that he's gone. He's in for quite a surprise when Michele comes in next, and he finds out that Kevin is ruling the house.

Former Big Brother champs Evel Dick and Mike Boogie join former houseguests Janelle and Danielle with a little chat with Julie. Everyone agrees that Chima is a moron for removing herself from the game when she still had some power. They also agree that Jeff using the coup d'etat, was one of the summer's best moves, as was Kevin and Nat lying to Jeff to get him to backdoor Russell. It was good to see them back, but this was really a pointless segment. But they all think Kevin is the winner, no matter who he takes to the finale.

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