'Big Brother 11' Feed Update: Shoo, Nat! Shoo!

There was a collective cheer from the imaginary people in my head when I found out that Jordan won the second part of the HoH competition, even though I wasn't really rooting for her. It's simply because her victory is another reason for Natalie to be kicked out of the house. And I do want to see that happen literally.

After the competition, the three HGs have been talking Final 2 scenarios over at the live feeds. Usually their conversations aren't that exciting, but things are looking up with the Whiny One a few steps towards that exit door.

Natalie's obviously pissed at losing to Jordan, the one she constantly calls "dumb." Surprisingly, I'm able to tolerate her nasty gripes about the competition because I know the other two are intent on evicting her. Kevin's made it clear during the show earlier, and his discussion with Jordan below proves how determined he is.

Kevin tells Jordan that he's been hoping to get rid of Natalie ever since she left him handcuffed in Pandora's Box. He's aggravated at how she's acting, which means another strike against Natalie if he makes it to Jury House. He then tells Jordan that he's intent on taking her to the Final 2 with him, even if it means losing to her somehow.

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