Heroes...can it make a comeback??

So heroes is ending....

I personally have loved every season but alot of people don't feel that way :( I DO know that it has fallen dramatically since the first season and that it will never be as good as it was but i DO think that it can make a comeback for a number of reasons...mainly, I think that they are gaining momentum with this season. Having the season and plot dinamics rotate areound Sylar have not only been interesting but intriguing!! I personally love every episode out of this season and the last three have been extraordinary!!!Anyway, since it is getting momentum and is at perched at the mountain it has to pass ove to reach the goodness that I know that it is capable of and is in the ACTUAL midst of a comeback...ending it now just seems dumb. Since it is going well now, they should finish this season woth higher ratings than the past 2 and then make another season to test it out...if the next season seems to have higher ratings and good storilines mixed in...keep it...if not, end it.

The second thing is...well....do they even bother counting the people who watch it out of the country or online because alot of people who don't have time to watch it on mondays watch it online!!! Or in some countries it doesn't air so they have to watch it online!!??



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