Melrose Place: Who Is Your Favorite Character So Far?

Aside from Sydney (Laura Leighton), who had around three minutes of screen time before being the center of a whodunit type of mystery on Melrose Place (2009), practically all the residents of The CW hit are new characters. Predictably, some characters, such as Ella stands out immediately, while others, such as Auggie left me, huh (rough translation: hard to define).

Nevertheless, the new Melrose Place divided the critics, especially the more nostalgic ones, because it definitely is a new Melrose Place, in some ways similar to the original, but in a lot more ways vastly different. The bottom line remains: it still remains to be seen whether the CW hit, and CW is indeed stamped all over it, will prove to be nearly as addictive as its progenitor. But let's go to the characters:

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Sep 15, 2009 2:36PM EDT

ella and jonah :)

Default avatar cat
Sep 21, 2009 3:18PM EDT

I like all da guys Auggie, Jonah and David i think they're all different and will add to alot of the storylines.........and YES they're HOT!!!
I like Ella...i like her no-nonsense attitude to life!

Default avatar cat
Sep 23, 2009 4:19AM EDT

I like Riley and Lauren and Jonah. They're the only ones that seem to be genuinely nice and not conniving.

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