CRIMINAL MINDS ''JJ'' Review Season 6, Episode 2

Say what you will about CRIMINAL MINDS, but damn, do they know how to make an exit.

JJ is the name of the second episode of the sixth season. It is the last time AJ Cook will appear. CBS decided to let her go, as well as reduce the number of Paget Brewster's episodes because they needed to cut costs. I'll get to that in a minute.

The main case was centred round Kate Joyce, an nineteen year old girl who disappeared when she was on vacation in Atlantic Beach with two guys and never came home. After interrogating the two guys (including one brilliant scene, filled with tension where Morgan wears Sid, the blonde jock jerk, down almost to tears) JJ helps solve the case.

Examining the pictures Sid took, she notices Kate's phone in the background in a photo taken after they allegedly dropped her off except her parents found the phone in her bedroom.

Jimmy (the other guy) brought his boat out and left Kate in the middle ocean, where she has been surviving for the last three days in shark infested waters, clinging on to a buoy.

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