Criminal Minds - 6.02 - ''JJ'' Review

Criminal Minds fans were rocked by the news over the summer, and now the time has come for a member of the BAU family to move on. The episode opens with JJ (AJ Cook) being offered another job at the Pentagon - a major promotion - but saying the BAU is where she belongs as she discusses it with SSA Hotchner and his superior, Erin Strauss. She valiantly fights moving on from her current position, but we know how that will end. Thankfully, the writers gave her a great sendoff episode.

The team heads off to work on a case of a missing girl named Kate Joyce. Two young men are in police custody, but their stories are consistent and the police can’t get anywhere with them. The case itself was interesting (certainly better than last week’s underwhelming season premiere) as the two even offered to take polygraph tests - and both passed. JJ was the star of the show last week, and was exceptionally strong again this week. She was the one who noticed that Kate’s phone was in the backseat of the car in a photo on one of the suspects’ phones. This seemingly minor detail broke the case open by poking a gaping hole in the story they were being told and is what finally broke the suspects down. Thanks to her, Kate is found clinging to a buoy not far from the approximate spot where she’d been thrown into the water.

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