RUBICON ''Look to the Ant'' Review Episode 6

The fear that Will felt in last week’s RUBICON has turned into paranoia in the episode “Look to the Ant”. But his paranoia is real. Kale takes an unauthorized tour of Will’s apartment. Maggie snoops around Will’s desk. Will is being followed and confronts his stalker by taking the guy’s photo. It is very apropos (and highly entertaining) that the cell phone has more power than a gun.

Out of the blue Kale invites Will to dinner at his house, where Will meets Kale’s partner Walter. Kale reveals that Donald Bloom was killed and that Will’s new focus should be Edward Roy. Full of good news, Kale goes on to inform Will that his home and office are bugged, and that he is drawing too much attention to himself. Will uncovers that Edward Roy is an ex-CIA, who now works at Atlas MacDonald which bought Roy’s former security firm. Is Kale’s offer to help legitimate and done with good intention? (By the way, I completely missed the hints about Kale and Donald Bloom being ex-lovers during their lunch in last week’s episode.)

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