Death Rattles House, Cameron and Others!

Well beyond the immediate aftermath, Kutner's shocking suicide will have lasting repercussions for House, the remainder of his team, and others in the brilliant doc's orbit. But who will be affected, and how? In a conference call with reporters, House creator David Shore, executive producer Katie Jacobs and Kutner's portrayer, Kal Penn, answered burning questions about the latest episode of Fox's hit drama.

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Apr 13, 2009 11:34PM EDT

So with Dr. L Kutner gone does that mean Dr. House will bring back Dr. Cameron or Dr. Chase back into the circle? If so, please let it be Dr. Cameron...Jennifer Morrison's a girl that's gotta eat...give her more work! ROFL
I hope the writers will work in the passing of Dr. Cutthroat Bitch and Dr. Kutner as an excuse for Dr. House to have a midlife crisis (volunteer at soup kitchen and "volunteers" to provide free clinic to the homeless) to quit as Dean of Diagnostic Medicine. Dr. Cameron takes over as Dean.
Give the audience a glimpse (several episodes) at a hospital failing without a Dr. House to save the day. The team (each take turns) will finally send Dr. Wilson (checking up on him=while seeking diagnostic answers on current patients) to talk him back into Princeton Hospital.
House returns from "vacation" to work as Dean of Diagnostic Medicine at Princeton Hospital.

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