'White Collar' - 'Bottlenecked' Recap Episode 12

So, I'm sure you were fascinated by the story Neal told Peter tonight, about how bottles of wine bottled before 1945 are different than those bottled after because of the atomic bomb that was dropped in that year. I was wondering if it was true, and thanks to the web, I found this article about how cesium 137 and how it doesn't exist naturally, it's a result of nuclear fallout, and wine bottled before nuclear testing wouldn't have it. I love learning stuff like that.

This was an episode that showed how much 'White Collar' resembles 'Burn Notice.' That's not a bad thing, just an observation. Where Michael Westen is always getting visits from old adversaries or old friends (often turned enemies), this episode had Neal getting a visit from the adversary from his past, Keller. I was wondering if the show was going to make one of those villains that escapes and comes back in future episodes to torment our heroes. And it looks like that could be the case. Sure, he was arrested at the end, but he's still alive and promised to take Neal "two out of three," so you can count on seeing him again.

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