'Persons Unknown' - 'Pilot' Recap (Series Premiere)

I wonder how different television would be if we didn't have previews and commercial promos and the web. How would a new show be received and even experienced if we didn't know a thing about it -- other than a brief description of the plot -- before watching it?

I'm sure there are people who don't read a lot about a show before they happen upon it, but it's probably not too many. I thought of that while watching NBC's new suspense drama 'Persons Unknown.' Wouldn't it be great if we knew very little about it before this first episode, so we'd be completely surprised by its plot and cast and setting and twists? Can we even judge a TV show fairly when we know so much about it beforehand?

The days of going blindly into a new show are gone, of course, unless you're the type of TV fan who doesn't read about TV shows, or go to TV blogs (like TV Squad!), or read pop culture magazines, and who wants to do that? Part of me does, actually, but it's hard when you write for a TV blog.

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Sep 3, 2010 9:59AM EDT

I am one of those few that don't read about an upcoming new show. If the commercial looks good I will try to watch it. For me the problem is that once the show starts I am at the mercy of the network station if they decide to cancel the show. So what I have been doing is saving the new shows on my DVR and if it looks like it's going to continue then i will watch it. I am doing that now with persons unknown. At least it has a full season of episodes.

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