'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Disturb the Peace ... Again

As if we even cared, Caroline met with some of the other women in her family to laugh about how they all look like the same man wearing different wigs (I editorialize). They also discussed Albie's stunted journey through law school.

Meanwhile, Teresa and Jacqueline meet up with Kim "D" (D for Drunk-most-of-the-time) to talk about everyone's favorite subject: Danielle. Kim's throwing a party and Danielle will probably be there, which is reason enough for no one else to go. But Teresa feels obligated, so a-confronting we will go!

The good news is that Danielle is back to her crazy miscommunicating self! She yells at the new front desk person at "Posche," but gives me enough time to try to re-forget that this woman has raised children. Danielle's anger re-directs at Kim D, owner of The Quacker Factory Posche. Danielle, out of the goodness of her cold, shriveled heart, tells Kim that she will no longer shop at her store. NOOOOO! How will the economy thrive without Danielle's business?!

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