Recap: "Week 5"

It's official: Six players are back on the ranch and ready to help their partners compete for the $250,000 prize. Rejoining we've got Aubrey (yellow), the mother of five; Laura (green), a former model; Shannon (pink), who's been overweight her whole life; Cathy (Purple), a recovering alcoholic and smoker; and Carla (silver). Bob reminds his team that they have to stay on course after hitting big numbers last week, while Jillian tells her team that they really need to fight because they're outnumbered and Bob is notorious for not allowing his teams to vote one of their own. Although I can't see Jillian doing that either.

Right away, the returning players weighed in, giving them a chance to prove how well they've done at home. It also provided an opportunity to win immunity for their team this week. The numbers, though admirable, seemed low in comparison to those on the ranch, and while some were still pleased, others were pretty disappointed. Shannon from the pink team was up first. She lost 15 pounds (in 30 days people!) for a percentage loss of 5.56. She did a nice job, but was disappointed, thinking she had lost more. Next up was Laura from the green team. She lost 7 pounds and was also upset, but her tough partner Tara told her to nut up and calm down. Team purple's Cathy lost 8 pounds, (2.85 percent), and was very happy with her progress. Aubrey from yellow team weighed in next, and the poor woman only lost 2 pounds (.85 percent), in the 30 days at home. She went on about how at least she knows she gained muscle, etc.Jillian quickly shot her down by saying that she shouldn't candy coat it because it's all B.S., and she still needs to lose 100 pounds. Period. Even Bob said that there were no excuses, and it's a good thing she's back in the house. I'd be pissed if I worked out four hours a day like she said she did and barely lost anything. Carla from the silver team weighed in next. She lost 20 pounds, (5.43 percent), and although her goal was 40, she thought this was more realistic. Then came powerhouse Sione, who lost 25 pounds (7.16 percent) and won immunity for himself and Filipe.

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