'Lie To Me' - 'Beat the Devil' Recap (Mid-Season Premiere)

'Lie To Me' is back for the second half of season two, and I couldn't be happier. When I talked to Tim Roth last week, he said to expect more character development, more stories with Cal and his daughter, and more with Gillian.

In fact, based on what he didn't tell me, I expect their relationship to heat up next season, and sure enough, it looks like we're already headed that way with this episode. And we can all drop to our knees and thank the deities that they're ramping up Cal's rogue side. Come to Jesus!

The way this episode started really set the dark mood for the rest of it. Such bleakness, with the abducted girl freeing herself from the handcuffs and escaping out of a car, while an ominous guy -- whom we learned later was Martin -- digs a hole with a shovel a few feet away.

What I love about 'Lie To Me' is not only Tim Roth's totally engrossing mannerisms -- I could just sit and watch him all day -- but also the fact that lying is so fascinating. People tell lies every day, whether they're little white ones ("You look great in that!") or mammoth icebergs ("I'm not a psychopathic killer").

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