'Big Brother 11' Feed Update: July 16

Before one houseguest was evicted and the new HoH took over, tension reigned over the Big Brother 11 house. Everyone was worried about the first week's big night as though a major Physics exam was coming their way.

On the live feeds, we can see each HG struggle with their decision on who to eliminate from the game: Chima or Braden. "I'm so nervous I need to shit," Casey told Jessie. That pretty much summed up their pre-eviction night jitters.

If you haven't seen the latest episode of Big Brother 11, you can either skip away from the spoilers below or read the recap here.

Just like in high school, it's all about appearances. Prior to eviction, Braden and Laura discuss makeovers. He asked her for any suggestions about what to do with his hair, and she admits that she isn't "very creative" when it comes to man-locks. Surfer Boy admitted that he wanted to have a perm when he was 10, just to try out an afro. His mom later told him, "Boys don't get perms" so he didn't push through with it.

Meanwhile, Russell is talking non-stop about the pair of moons Laura's chest. He's in the HoH room with Ronnie, Lydia and Jessie and they're bashing the girl to purgatory. "If I hear one more of them talking about your boobs I am going to pop them!!" yells the Lovemuscle. The rest of them begin criticizing Laura for her sympathy act.

Later, Ronnie shows how concerned he is about how the audience views him. "What are they showing about us?" he asks Jeff. This doesn't change after he wins HoH and says, "I'm really scared to think what America thinks of me." Actually, he should be.

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