Human Target: "Lockdown" Review Episode 6

Every now and then, we get a series that just roars out of the gate and keeps on picking up speed throughout the season, with no signs of slowing down. Human Target is one of those shows. Although it has flirted dangerously close to being trite and overdone at times, it still has not faltered. It's always fun to watch, always well-written, and the main cast always puts forward their best efforts. If only every new series could be like this one.

This particular episode wastes no time getting us into the high-speed action, with Chance skydiving and rocketing through clouds right in the opening scene. At first it seemed like this would be another one of those nonlinear stories, like "Rewind," but it turns out only the intro covered some past actions to give us context for what was going on.

Chance was just trying to have some semblance of a normal life by going on a date when Winston brought up the new job. Kevin Weisman plays Martin Gleason, an engineer caught up in a top secret government program that he doesn't want to be in, and he doesn't want to end up dead like his former associate.

Enter Chance to the rescue. After proving he can read Morse Code like it's not even code, he proves to be an extremely accurate skydiver as he hops onto the roof of the super-secure building Gleason is being held in.

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