Justified: "The Hammer" Review Episode 10

"The Hammer" was a simple episode with two central plots, one involving a ruthless judge whose death threats are becoming tangible and one involving Boyd's new "church" for meth heads. The episode was good, another Justified-esque episode that carried itself with good performances and strong writing.

Stephen Root made for a great one-episode actor (with the possibility of returning) in this one as Judge Mike "The Hammer" Reardon, a judge with a long track record in favor of the prosecution and handing out maximum sentences. He turns out to be a bit of a cowboy, brandishing a gun wherever he goes and talking smooth. He's aware of his reputation. He wears nothing but underwear and his gun/holster under his robe because he figured if the rumors were going around, he might as well make them true. He has an admiration for Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) because of Raylan's track record of shooting bad guys. "I know you're in all sorts of s**t … for the shooting in Miami and I say well-done. One less predator in the world."

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