How I Met Your Mother Season 5, Episode 5: "Duel Citizenship" - Recap

This week, Robin has to decide whether or not to make the ultimate commitment. No, it doesn't involve her relationship with's all about making the leap and becoming an American citizen. But can the ultimate Canadian leave the Great White North behind? Meanwhile, Ted and Marshall find out if they can still do an old-fashioned road trip now that they're long out of college.

Future Ted begins by reminding his (unseen) kids that Aunt Robin was Canadian and that, as such, she was a little different from your regular girl. We see the gang suiting up for some ice skating, bundled in their wintery best, while Robin enters in a denim mini-skirt and short sleeved T-shirt. At McLaren's, Robin complains to Ted about their electric bill using the Canadian term for what we Yanks call a garbage disposal (garburator, per Wikipedia, is indeed what they call it in Canada. I know...weird, right?) And finally we see her in a bar brawl at the Hoser Hut (last seen in season 4's "Little Minnesota"). I guess it's not always that friendly there, eh? A review of the scene seems to indicate a Montreal Canadian/Vancouver Canuck split to the two fighting sides, although we never do see who Robin is threatening to brain with a chair.

At McLaren's, Robin declares Canada the best country in the world, which leads Barney to start up a bar-wide "U-S-A" chant. But Robin argues that it proves nothing, as drunk people will chant anything. Her attempt to get a "Canada" chant going falls flat, however, so apparently people will not, in fact, chant anything. They will, however, chant along with Barney and his "shrimp fried rice," but who wouldn't, because that stuff is delicious. Ted walks in and joins in the chanting like the goof he is before sitting down to tell Marshall that, sadly, Gazzola's is closing.

What is Gazzola's, you ask? Apparently it's a pizza place in Chicago that Ted and Marshall discovered, and even though they went to college in Connecticut (Wesleyan University), they still went back there on road trips in the Fiero (last seen being put out to pasture in "Arrivederci, Fiero"). It was on these road trips, explains Marshall, that he and Ted really became bros. Twenty-two hours, with nothing but beef jerky and Tantrum soda. Tantrum, Future Ted tells us, is a soft drink with the highest caffeine content legally available over the counter. It was apparently banned by the F.D.A. for making lab rats explode, although at McLaren's, Ted seems almost wistful as he describes how it once made him colorblind for four days. And apparently Marshall passes out when he hears church bells due to his Tantrum intake. All of this reminiscing leaves Ted and Marshall only one choice: road trip to Gazzola's!

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