Lost Season 6, Episode 11: "Happily Ever After" Review

Desmond's back! Oh how we've missed you. Desmond-centric stories have delivered some of the best and most pivotal moments throughout the entire history of the series. While not necessarily on the same level as "The Constant" or even "Flashes Before Your Eyes", "Happily Ever After" does deliver many game changing moments that will alter the way we view the alternate universe from this point forward.

As much as I've missed Desmond, I'm glad they waited to bring him back. Desmond alone is quite the daunting mystery and trying to intertwine his monumental storyline earlier in the season with everything else that transpired may have been a little much. It was the right decision to bring him in when they did and "Happily Ever After" not only benefits from a great story but it also fills the Desmond void we've all been experiencing. There are plenty of pivotal encounters throughout "Happily Ever After" that give us a better understanding of what the alternate universe might be.

Up until now, the LA X universe has left us with little to go on regarding its true purpose. Besides the strange fact that the characters we've come to know and love over the years all seem to bump into each other on a regular basis, there has been nothing unusual about this alternate Earth. Thankfully, Mr. Game Changer himself, Desmond is here to show us that there is really more to LA X than meets the eye.

Through several key encounters, Desmond discovers there is more to the world around him than he once thought. His encounter with Charlie starts this incredible journey. We learn that Charlie's near death experience has shown him something that has changed the way he perceives the reality around him. Suddenly, everything doesn't seem quite as real to him.

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