'Sons of Anarchy' Season 2, Episode 11 recap: Is there a better TV love story than Gemma and Clay's?

Sons of Anarchy is a lot of things, but a romance is not one category I think of first. So it was all the more startling to realize that last night's episode, titled Service, had as its core the relationship between Gemma and Clay.

Yes, there were many other satisfying moments. If there's one thing Sons gets you in the mood for, it's experiencing some cathartic revenge. After Clay and Jax made their gruff apologies to each other (I'm sorry, son; I am, too), there was a moment when I sorta hoped they and the rest of SAMCRO would hop on their bikes and do some awful things to Zobelle and his League as repayment for Gemma's gang-rape - only the worst of the many things Zobelle has caused. Jax probably spoke for all of us when he expressed his wish: We kill them all.

But it proved equally satisfying (and do I have to say here, SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN LAST NIGHT'S EPISODE?) to have Clay and Jax also agree that now was not yet the time to attack Zobelle's bunch until SAMCRO takes the full measure of Zobelle's threat, and plans more cagily to take the enemy down without also landing the SAMCRO organization in jail in the process. This is exquisite torture for us as viewers, but smart storytelling on the part of creator Kurt Sutter and his writers: They know what we want, and are going to withhold it a bit longer. Fine, you clever devils.

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