'90210' Season 2, Episode 10: Secrets, secrets are very fun by Archana Ram - Recap

As we all learned at some point in our lives: Secrets, secrets are no fun; secrets are for everyone and last night's episode of 90210 took that mantra and rolled with it, unveiling some, but not all of everyone's secrets to those closest to them. The secrets might not have been fun for them, but it certainly made for juicy drama for us. I'll take you through the tangled web that West Bev weaves since your regular recapper, Jennifer, had the night off.

The meat of the episode focused on the creepy trainwreck-to-be relationship that is Annie and Jasper. The couple, who now sleep at each other's homes-on a weeknight!-are pretty much head over heels in love with each other, which, as anyone who has graduated from high school will tell you, isn't love but infatuation. And with it came one of the bigger proclamations of so-called love-meeting the parents. Except Jasper's meet-and-greet with the Wilsons was doomed from the get-go because Dixon had blurted out that Annie's new boyfriend was a drug dealer. Mom and Pops Wilson were clearly perturbed, making for pretty awkward appetizer conversation that even Deb's famous dip couldn't save.

But Jasper has perfected his I'm-not-a-drug-dealer speech so well that he temporarily put their worries to rest just in time for the mahi mahi. I say temporarily because post-dinner, Annie's parents told her to stop seeing Jasper. This obviously led to a typical teenage-angst outcry (You don't even know who I am anymore!), which I must say, Shenae Grimes does very well. The Wilsons were right though. Annie is a completely different person around Jasper and I'm just counting down the episodes until he finally reveals his secret to Annie, probably when he almost kills her.

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