'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia': The cast tells their story by Kate Ward - Review

It's quite fitting that the concept behind It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was born out of a nightmare. (After all, we are talking about a sitcom that follows five deranged losers as they attempt to profit off of dumpster babies, have sex with each others' mothers, and develop a crack addiction to collect welfare.) One night in 2004, Sunny's creator and star Rob McElhenney literally dreamed up an outline for a pilot involving a cancer-plagued man and his insensitive pal. By 2005, McElhenney and co-stars Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton and Kaitlin Olson were shooting a tweaked version of that exact pilot for FX. (Danny DeVito joined the show in season two.) The show started as a night terror, basically, says Howerton. A late-night sweating station.

These days, however, we imagine McElhenney is having better dreams - season five of the FX comedy has scored an average of nearly two million viewers, and the show was recently picked up for syndication by Comedy Central. A few months ago - while in New York City for their tour of their season four musical finale, The Nightman Cometh - EW sat down with the Sunny fivesome to chat about the show's evolution. Here's how the series grew into the cult phenomenon it is today. But before you click on the read full post link below to read all about it, check out this this exclusive video, filmed on the set of EW's photo shoot with McElhenney, Day, Olson, Howerton and DeVito. Then head over to EW's Facebook page for a special pottymouthed bonus video!

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