'Melrose Place' Episode 10: The bitch is back...with juicy new secrets by Wendy Mitchell - Recap

Wow...Amanda Woodward is back and it already feels like Melrose Place has been elevated to another level. This was certainly the reboot's sharpest, sexiest and bitchiest episode, which I obviously mean as a compliment. Bravo, Heather Locklear, you still know how to rock a mini-skirt and infuse any scene with crackling energy.

Amanda revealed herself as the W in PR firm WPK, which is of course Ella's employer. Amanda, who had been living in New York, swept through the L.A. office with swift firings (casualties included Ella's boss Caleb) and some sassy talk. This L.A. branch is drowning in red like a steer in a slaughter house. Now when I hired you to give this place a makeover, I didn't mean smear it with lipstick and turn it into a five-dollar hooker. This office is pathetic, Amanda announced with her jaw-dropping entrance.

Amanda had plenty of zingers after Ella came into her office gushing about how Amanda's profile in Vanity Fair had inspired her career in PR the boss cut her off quickly: Shockingly, I didn't call you in for your life's story, but your absentee father and pill-popping mother make for a very juicy tale. She then told Ella to force Riley to sell the press on a fake bio to make the Anton V Real People jeans ads more interesting. Ella protested at first but Amanda put her in her place: If you have a problem there's a long list of eager assistants willing to take your place.''

I loved the Ella-Amanda sparks already and think they'll only get better in time as Ella feels strong enough to stand up to Amanda more. Back in the Melrose 1.0 years, Amanda taking down Allison was like watching a cheetah pounce on a helpless wounded bird. At least in Ella, she has or will have a worthy sparring partner.

Squeaky-clean Riley couldn't go along with the gang violence, rough streets of Boston- spiel she was supposed to spurt to help Ella save her job, and as a result Ella got in hot water with Amanda (cue exchange of the week: Ella (to herself): Amanda is going to skin me alive/Amanda (sneaking up): Not satisfying enough). Jonah, aka Mr. Killer Miller Mojitos, was standing by Riley, in his dorky/cute bowtie, giving her lots of support, even though it meant they were out $10,000 for the ad work.

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