Supernatural Season 5, Episode 10: "Abandon All Hope" - Recap

In this pure mythology-based episode, Sam and Dean secure the Colt from a Crossroads Demon. Jo and Ellen hunt alongside the brothers and things don't end well. And Lucifer brings death and destruction down on a small Missouri town all in the name of calling up the Angel of Death. Let the casualties of war begin.

Well, we wanted the apocalypse, we got the apocalypse. And it's already claimed some key casualties on the side of the good guys. Jo and Ellen died for the cause. Now I know Jo wasn't originally a popular character, but I truly did like her. I may not have seen her as a love interest for Dean, but I thought she would be a good ally for the boys in their quest to fight the good fight. I was always disappointed that after "Born Under a Bad Sign" we didn't see her again until this season's "Good God Y'all." As for Ellen, she at least made it to the very end of Season 2 before she disappeared. But you know what? Jo and Ellen are a part of the Supernatural universe and they are characters I cared about. So when they went down in "Abandon All Hope" like they did, I felt it. Their deaths meant something. What they did in order to get Sam and Dean out to confront Lucifer was pretty admirable. More on this later.

Things start out with Cas following the Crossroads Demon named Crowley. Cas sees him making a deal with some rich guy, a kiss to seal the deal included. Mark A. Sheppard plays the CD. This guy has been in everything under the sun lately. He's had recurring and guest starring roles on so many shows. He was in a recent CSI, he's recently been on Dollhouse and White Collar, but I know him most from his days as a lawyer on Battlestar Galactica. It's good to see him here playing Crowley. I was thinking he was going to be in more of the episode, but his role is certainly one that could make an appearance at any time. Hopefully he will.

Jo helps Sam and Dean break into Crowley's mansion. He seems like he was pretty much waiting for the Winchesters to find him though. He grabs the Colt, kills the two guards that have a hold of the brothers and offers it to them. He wants them to take the Colt and get rid of Lucifer. You'd think he want him to prevail, but think again, he says. He feels the devil is using them. After all, he's an angel and they're just demons. If Lucifer destroys the human race, what's to prevent him from starting on the demons? He won't need them. So he calls the brothers morons but gives the Colt to Sam and Dean along with a bunch of magic bullets anyway.

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