CHASE ''Repo'' Review Episode 2

A fugitive kills a State Trooper''s son in what appears to be a brutal act of revenge in this episode of CHASE, called Repo. Turns out that the man had all of his possessions confiscated when he was arrested and now he's tracking down all of his cars and killing anyone who won't give them up. What he's really after is a bunch of cash that he hid in each car and he's not about to let his retirement plan go. When one of the new owners finds the stash and goes on the run himself with his girlfriend, it makes the job even harder for Annie and her team. Especially when the guy decides to give the money back and arranges a meet with the killer. Luckily the meet goes well and an innocent life is spared, leaving Annie and Jimmy to catch the creep before he escapes with the last of his money.

My favorite bits...

Finding out that Jimmy has a pet gecko and that when it shows up in the office, everyone knows his girl has booted him out again.

Annie's emotional response to talking to the murdered man's father. I am liking how they are giving us a chance to get to know the families of the victims. It really makes me more into the chase.

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