'30 Rock' Season 4, Episode 21 - 'Emanuelle Goes To Dinosaur Land' Recap

'30 Rock' has some crazy episode titles, and it's always fun to figure out what the title means. They're usually tied into a main plot of the series (as most TV show episodes are - duh). But this episode? It's the name of one of the lame movies that Jenna made, but I don't really see how it fits into the episode itself. And how exactly how do you spell the name in the title? The NBC site spells it both ways "Emanuelle" and "Emmanuelle." The latter is also how the softcore porn movies used to spell it.

Or so I've heard from people who watch those types of movies.

Earlier this season, after a trip to the dentist, Liz hallucinated that she got a visit from many of her past boyfriends. This episode, she actually got to see them again in real life. There's Drew, who is still dumb and now has hooked hands because he waved on a helicopter and played with fireworks; Dennis, who is planning to send a kid into the air a la the Balloon Boy family; and Wesley, the British guy who she seems to run into everywhere. Can she get back with one of them? Can she find a date for Floyd's wedding? Was her (or was it Jack's?) mom right last week when she said she'd end up with someone she has already met?

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