'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Season 20, Episode 14 - 'Loose Lips Sink Ships' Recap

I see we're going on a nautical theme as of late on 'Survivor.' Perhaps the general public doesn't pay as much attention to the individual episode titles as do bloggers. Last week we had 'A Sinking Ship.' The week before that, it was 'Jumping Ship.' I haven't checked out the episode title for the finale. However, I'd like to propose 'The Ship Hits the Fan.' CBS can feel free to mail me a check for that one.

The big finale is Sunday night. Amazingly, two of the least effective heroes are still in the game along with four villains. How will the count fare after tonight? Will we have an all-villain final three? Or, maybe the villains will just off each other. You never know. Read on.

Oh my gosh. We started out with the fallout from the last tribal council. Jerri, who might be the least villainous and possibly the most sane of the remaining castaways, couldn't wait to tell Parvati that Russell gave her the sign to vote out Danielle and threatened her that she could be the next to go. So, Parvati and Sandra took Jerri under their wing. Yet, Russell still has her under his wing. Jerri is scrambling to play this game, but I don't know if she can hold her own against the big boys and girls. She's going to have to keep going with the flow and hoping her name doesn't come up.

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