Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "Connect! Connect!"

So (last) Sunday on Desperate Housewives, we finally got more of the Dave Dash/Williams backstory, which we've sorely needed all season. Still, I have a few questions concerning the timeline. Presumably, Dave and his wife lived in the Fairview vicinity when Mike and Susan collided with - and killed - Dave's wife and daughter, right? Then, he had a nervous breakdown. Then, "weeks after" his release, at a hotel, he met Edie, who was in Boston, right? Was that a coincidence or did he plan it, knowing that Edie was originally from Fairview? Did he really get married just to kick-start his revenge fantasy? We don't get any of those answers this week, but it's fair to say that unless a few are forthcoming, I will not be happy.

Yellow Satan... Cupid?

Since Edie threw Dave out, he moves in with Mike, because Mike says he owes Dave one for that whole life-saving thing, and the producers didn't want to build another "insidious, sad bachelor apartment" set. Now, Mike has never had the best judgment, but is this a good idea -- even if Yellow Satan wasn't a delusional homicidal maniac?

Here's something that the writers have always gotten kind of wrong on this show: the compatibility of the Desperate Husbands. While it is definitely the case that men often befriend the husbands of their wives' friends, that friendship is usually tacit, polite and infrequent (ask your dad). They don't go form a jam-band together or invite each other to move in. Think about all the differences among the personalities and lifestyles of Orson, Mike, Carlos, Tom and Dave. I know it's a TV show and the writers have to mash people together by necessity, but ultimately it doesn't add up for me.

Also, tonight I learned that, as much as I love James Denton, he is the weak link in this cast. His scenes with Teri Hatcher through all their on-again, off-again have been painful, and now he's dragging down my beloved Dana Delany.

Where did Katherine's substantial backbone go? In a very uncharacteristic move, Katherine decides to try to emotionally blackmail Mike. She lets it slip that she might move to Baltimore to help Dylan with the baby, to gauge Mike's reaction to the possibility of her leaving. Mike dodges the elephant-in-the-room non-question, and it's only when Dave intervenes ("We're friends; I care," he sleazes) that he realizes that he does love Katherine. So he sends her roses with a card that says simply, "Don't go." It's sweet, but when Katherine asks if Mike sent the flowers, I got the impression that maybe she didn't recognize the handwriting or something and that actually Dave sent them to give Mike a little kick in the ass. But... why? Is he making Mike fall in love so he can kill whoever he happens to be dating/in love with/knowing Biblically at the time? Please, writers, just no.....

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