Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened"

Meet Eli Scruggs (guest star Beau Bridges), handyman extraordinaire who is like a Forrest Gump-type figure, the eyes and ears of Wisteria Lane, whose presence was felt in some significant plot developments over the years. We'll ignore the fact that such a crucial figure has never appeared on the show before and enjoy all the flashbacks! Eli's first significant contribution to Desperate Housewives' 100th episode is to die while fixing Susan's roof, hence we travel back in time to see how Eli helped our girls get their respective grooves back.


Eva Longoria slaps on a circa-2003 wig to play Spoiled Former Model Gaby, who is very lonely and hates living in Fairview. Eli, who is there fixing the sink, suggests that she invite her neighbors over for poker. When they arrive, Gaby's maid tells them she likes to make an entrance, and boy, does she - wearing a wildly inappropriate gold lam cocktail dress and more jewelry than Mr. T. As they shuffle the deck, she regales the ladies with boastful tales of her formerly fabulous life (she called Jon Bon Jovi "Pumpkin" and did vodka shots with Kate Moss!) while dissing their suburban lives. When Eli clues her in that Operation Full House was a bust, she crashes the ladies' next game, heart (and muffins) in hand, apologizes for her earlier behavior and confesses to them that she could really use some friends. "Now that's how you make an entrance," says Bree. And it's all thanks to Eli!


Bree's wig is a funny reminder of that severe flip Marcia Cross used to wear. Bree and Rex(!) invite the Scavos (including a molto-pregs-with-Penny-and-cranky Lynette) over for brunch, at which Bree complains about her erratic stove over an overcooked frittata, which leads to an argument about Bree not working. The Scavos break the tension with some funny. "If you're looking for a stove, we got one that's hardly ever used," Tom cracks. "I wish I could say the same for my uterus," Lynette cracks back. Eli is there, of course, fixing the van de Kamp's sink. Bree announces that she's writing a cookbook, and Rex is not very supportive about the idea. So Bree throws away her notes. Flash forward a few years to just after Rex's death, and Eli is there to fix Bree's banister - and to return her cookbook notes, which he retrieved from the garbage all those many years ago. He encourages her to take another shot at it, and Mrs. van de Kamp is born! And it's all thanks to Eli!

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Jan 20, 2009 12:30PM EST

I cried. I loved this episode!! What a way to do their 100th episode! I enjoyed every moment of it! The part when Mary Alice helped Eli with the business cards and she saw his shoe and let him fix her vase... *Sigh* Amaaaaazing episode! Definitely a MUST WATCH!

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