'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: Everybody Wants Hidden Immunity Episode 5

The one thing Survivor always packs: a surprise. Or a bunch of them. Tonight these surprises play a huge part in how things go. Everything just happened at just the right time, and that led to what Jeff called the season's "first official blindside."

The Dragon Slayer is wounded: Let's begin the recap with the aftermath of the last Tribal Council. Randy is voted out, but Coach feels all the pressure, especially after Sandra virtually called him lazy. That really brought him down. "I did noble things out here and I looked ignoble," he told Tyson, giving us a bromance that we first saw back in Tocantins.

But Coach is inconsolable. He actually wants to go home! The tantrum (if you'd call it that) continued the next morning, with him acting very sulky and oddly funny. Rob followed him and gave him another pep talk, which proves to be effective. "You gotta be weak to be strong," Coach later said, before doing his meditative moves, reminding me of Exile Island.

This challenge is brought to you by Sears: Gratuitous promotion! The tribes get to pick their own reward from a Sears catalog of sorts. The Heroes chose fishing gear and kitchenware, while the Villains chose a tool kit and more shelter-building materials. The challenge: slide through a slippery course, grabbing a numbered ball, and shoot that into a basket. First to four wins.

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