Top Moments: Shocking Announcements from Kathy Griffin, Nigel Lythgoe and Glenn Beck

TV had some announcements to make this week. Kathy Griffin had something to say about cancer prevention. Nigel Lythgoe thinks the So You Think dancers should warm up. Someone on The View has a "girl crush." And Glenn Beck used humor to announce a personal health crisis. Welcome to Top Moments: Hear Ye Hear Ye Edition.

11. Sneakiest Surprise: Just when Sookie seems cornered by Russell on this week's True Blood, a blue glow shoots from her hands and propels Russell's henchman Coot across the room. Sookie still doesn't understand this special power she has, which means we're all on the same page.

10. Saddest Mixup: Father Phil (guest star Peter Gallagher) convinces Rescue Me's Tommy that Janet is the key to straightening out his life (and afterlife). So Tommy is intent on making a change, until he finds a cozy Janet with Franco - who just moments before had almost kissed. He instantly assumes the worst, heads out to his truck and, you guessed it, tips a bottle. You can feel Tommy's heart crush as he wads up a picture of Janet and tosses it aside.

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