Top Moments: The Office Baby Blues, The Bachelor's First Dance, and a Monster's Balls

TV was all about body parts this week. Jules creepily enlisted her son in her hair-removal regimen on Cougar Town. Those cheeky Canadians poked fun at their Olympic cauldron's bum leg. Penelope Cruz got personal with Halle Berry. And now that the Office baby has arrived, it's a perfect time for a good breastfeeding joke, isn't it? Welcome to Top Moments: Body of Work Edition.

12. Weirdest Mother-Son Moment: On Cougar Town, Jules needs help removing the wax-coated strips she uses to depilate her underarms. Grayson delights in the job, but he's not around. Who better to sub for him than Travis, Jules' put-upon, eye-rolling teenaged son? His discomfort is hilarious.

11. Best Do-Over: After getting the Winter Olympics off on the wrong foot, er, leg, with a cauldron malfunction, the good-natured Canadian hosts inject a dose of self-deprecating humor in the closing ceremony: An electrician mime "fixes" the recalcitrant leg so speed skater Catriona LeMay Doan can light the torch and have the moment in the spotlight she missed 17 days prior. At least she didn't have to wait four years.

10. Most Bittersweet Finale: Throughout Nip/Tuck's seven seasons, we rooted for Sean to get away from Christian's toxic narcissism. But when he finally leaves, one-way ticket to Bucharest in hand, we're sad instead of relieved. It's then that we realize that we are sick people who would rather watch the pain and perversion of a show about unnecessary plastic surgery than one about saving orphans. It's just another thing we don't like about ourselves - we really need to do some volunteering.

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