OUTLAW ''In Re: Jessica Davis'' Review Episode 3

Cyrus and his team defend a woman who forgot her infant daughter in a car on a hot day and has now been charged with murder in the In Re: Jessica Davis episode of OUTLAW. Three months after her daughter’s death (I‘m not even touching the impossibility of a murder trial happening that fast), Jessica is still in shock and unable to show any emotion about her daughter’s death, making her a nightmare defendant, but through contrivance and a miraculous fit of grief on the witness stand, Jessica is acquitted.

Every year we hear about cases where a child dies after being left in a hot car. It’s always horrible and there’s always that first reaction of “How could anyone forget a child” before the realization that tragedy happens sets in. This episode takes that and runs with it in a more manipulative than truly interesting or emotional way. I wish they hadn’t included the toy that recorded Jessica trying to save her daughter because the audience didn‘t need to be spoon-fed that. More, I wish Outlaw would use less extreme cases altogether because what makes the law truly fascinating is nuance and shading. Here we get neon bold instead. Murder charges instead of involuntary manslaughter, an emotionless mother, a friend who testifies Jessica said she wished her daughter hadn’t been born. The episode collapses under all that weight and Cyrus questioning Jessica on the stand is one of the clumsiest and most grandstanding courtroom scenes I have ever seen. It is simply too much, too overdone.

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