'Top Chef: DC' 'Covert Cuisine' Recap

Things aren't as honky dory as usual in the house at the outset of last night's episode of 'Top Chef.' And that's mainly because Alex is still there milling about while Kenny's back home in Florida, prepping food for golfers in ugly pants.

"I hope that Alex either steps up or goes home," says Kenny's bff Kevin. "If he steps up that's great, bring on the challenge but don't get away with bull****." Even Kenny's nemesis, Angelo shows some love saying, "I think Kenny was the most fierce competitor here." What's that? Humility? Impressive.

But there's no time to dwell on what's gone down, there's a Quickfire Challenge to get to -- a tricky one at that. And, to help explain it is host Padma Lakshmi's cohort for the day, the sideburned 'Top Chef: Masters' contestant, Wylie Dufresne. The cheftestants perk up at the sight of Dufresne who is a revered chef and a card carrying member of the new "molecular gastronomy" band of rebels that's all the rage these days. (Which pretty much means that he uses unconventional cooking methods and ingredients at his cleverly named, and critically acclaimed, WD50 restaurant in NYC.)

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