FAMILY GUY ''Excellence in Broadcasting'' Reviews Season 9, Episode 2

FAMILY GUY Excellence in Broadcasting Seaons 9 Episode 2-Brian finds his Liberal ideologies flushed down the toilet after he and the Griffin clan head to the Quahog Mall. There, Rush Limbaugh is holding a book signing. Brian challenges Rush Limbaugh, telling him that “our Republic has been basterdised and royally screwed up thatnsks to you jackasses. You suck, and you’re terrible and...and...and you’ve been divorced several times.” When Rush Limbaugh asks him if he has actually read anything he’s written, Brian confesses he’s only read things other people have written about the things Rush Limbaugh has written.

When Rush Limbaugh saves Brian when he is being beaten up by a multi racial tv gang including white guys using some awesome martial arts skills, Brian agrees to read his book. He does so, mainly because The Office is boring, and he has an epiphany and realizes that conservative Republicanism is the answer.

Rush takes Brian to the Republican National Headquarters which is filled with solemn white men in suits.

They meet George W Bush (yippee! he screams when handed a red lollipop) and John McCain who is subjected to a truly unfunny segment.

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