Rapper Bow Wow Lost $100,000 on 'Madden' Video Game Bet (VIDEO)

What's the most that you've ever lost on a bet? For your humble 'TV Squad' writer, that amount would be 20 bucks. But rapper Bow Wow managed to throw away $99,980 more than that -- from a bet on a single video game. That's the topic of discussion on the current 'Lopez Tonight' (weeknights, 11PM ET on TBS).

It seems that Bow Wow was playing 'Madden NFL' ... for some very high stakes. And when he lost to fellow rapper Game, he had to pay up one hundred thousand dollars.

Host George Lopez seems fairly impressed by this amount --as anyone would be. But it appears that Bow Wow hasn't learned from his mistake. Because just a minute later, he enters into a bet with Lopez where they wager $25,000 ... on the outcome of a basketball game involving LeBron James.

... Oh, foolish Bow Wow! Even if you manage to win this time around, you'll still be down by 75 grand -- just based on two episodes of gambling. We hope that you can afford all of this.

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