DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES ''You Must Meet My Wife'' Review Season 7, Episode 2

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES You Must Meet My Wife Season 7 Episode 2-Dragging a plotline has often encumbered many Desperate Housewives episodes and has sapped viewers and divided opinions. Thankfully season seven seems to be getting rid of all of the dragging plots as threads loosed in the premiere are (for the most part) tied up, leaving new ones dangling.

First, let's talk about creepy Paul. I have a confession: I hated him. Not because he was creepy (I love creepy) but because I felt he was boring. With the introduction of his frail new wife Beth he has taken on a whole new level of ick: she, arriving on Wisteria Lane with a suitcase and a goldfish-all her worldly possessions-wants to wait before they consummate their marriage. Paul respects Beth's wishes...for a week. Then he buys a sexy pink lingerie and tells her she will have to have sex with him sooner than later. He then kisses her on the forehead. Shudder.

Less interesting (but entertaining) on the Scavo front, Renee comforts Tom after he is diagnosed with postpartum depression. Lynette has no sympathy for him until Renee starts sympathising with him. The she develops empathy, and when faced with the choice of sex or talking, Tom chooses talking with his wife. Renee buys Edie's old house, and she and Tom confide in each other that Lynette can never know what happened between them.

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