Recap As the World Turns: Thursday, June 17, 2010

Emily can’t prove Meg snuck out of the hospital and planted the methadone in her briefcase. Barbara’s delighted that Paul can’t deny Emily appears to be the one who’s been drugging Meg. Paul asks Emily to leave Fairwinds. Emily goes to berate Meg for setting her up, but Paul takes her arrival at the hospital as a clear indication of her guilt.

During another meeting with Mona Cross, Luke discovers Bob told Reid he must choose to either work at the hospital or to have a relationship with Luke. Luke berates Reid for not trying to fight for him. Reid wants to explain himself, but Luke won’t hear it. Kim’s appalled that Bob asked Reid to make such a decision, and that he would try to sell the hospital without informing her.

Katie steals Chris’ security card so she can change Vienna’s medical records herself. She accidently sets of an alarm. Chris finds her and discovers that the friend Katie’s trying to help out is Vienna. He covers for Katie when Bob and security arrive. Katie begs Chris not to change Vienna’s file back. He won’t, but he’s really disappointed in Katie. Katie arrives home only moments before Chris charges in the door and kisses her.

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