Recap As the World Turns: Friday, June 18, 2010

Carly and Jack meet to sign the papers expunging Parker’s juvenile record. They talk but can’t reconnect. Carly asks Tom if she and Parker will see any repayment for the money Craig stole. Tom informs Carly the insurance company will only pay out if the fire is declared an accident. Carly calls the insurance company. Liberty shares with Janet how she almost had sex with Gabriel. Liberty and Gabriel talk but she’s not willing to forgive him for lying to her. Craig desperately wants to get out of jail to be with his sons, but Tom only sees one way around it. The court might be willing to release him but only under the supervision of another person. Craig calls Lily. Lucinda informs Lily she plans to stick around since she disapproves of Lily hosting Gabriel at her house. Gabriel storms in off his fight for Liberty to declare that he’s leaving town. Dusty wants to propose again to Janet, but the moment keeps being ruined. He accidently reveals Janet’s having a boy. Jack yells at Dusty. Janet overhears him talking about how Dusty bankrolled Janet’s apartment by deceiving her about Rocco’s will.

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