CHUCK Vs The Suitcase Review Season 4, Episode 2

The second episode of CHUCK's fourth season, Chuck Versus The Suitcase found Chuck and the gang doing after a smart bullets arms dealer named Sophia at a fashion show in Milan. Meanwhile, Awesome and Ellie have a disagreement about the baby and Morgan makes some improvements to the Buy More.

The episode started off with a man chasing a beautiful woman (Sophia) down a street in heels (never a good idea). She stops, whips out a gun, and fires a bullet slow motion into the man's head. The bullet glows blue. It is not a regular bullet! It is a smart bullet! It can go around corners! You know what: this bullet is the CIA.

Basically it's up to Chuck and Sarah to retrieve the bullet (Casey has to sit this one out thanks to an incident in Yves St Laurent). Chuck and Sarah's relationship is under a slight pressure because Sarah has yet to unpack her suitcase, even though she's been living with Chuck for eight months. This comes to a head when Chuck's almost-last words (as he's hold a ticking bomb in his hand) are forgiveness for her settling down issues. Sarah defuses the bomb and she and Chuck head to the Sophia's room where they comically hide in the closet whilst the model/arms dealer undresses and heads to the shower. While Chuck deals with the safe, Sarah deals with the bodyguard.

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