Video Interview: Tamara Taylor of 'Bones'

The only person more excited for season 5 of Bones than us fans, may very well be Tamara Taylor. Massive change is afoot at The Jeffersonian and for Dr. Cam Saroyan during season 5, and Tamara Taylor couldn't be happier, or more lovely.

Though she plays quite the intimidating character on TV, in person Tamara Taylor is anything but. She's easy going, surprisingly funny, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. While she was dressed to the nines for our interview, in a retro polka dot frock that begged her to do a twirl, Tamara told me she's much more a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and that she's a lot "goofier" than Cam.

Tamara chatted with me all about what's in store for season 5 and Bones. We talked about Cam's major life changes, she has "acquired a teenager" after all, and with that comes prom and boyfriends and all kinds of issues. I asked her your questions about any potential romance for Cam this season and who her dream on-screen lover would be. We also delved into Cam's relationship with Seeley Booth and her take on a Booth and Bones love connection. I even asked if Tamara could ever imagine doing Cam's job in real life. Answer? "Oooh Noooooooo. No. No. No." It would seem the special-effects of Bones are plenty for Tamara, and she promises they're getting even grosser this season.

Here's the full interview with the talented Tamara Taylor of Bones. Be sure to tune in and watch her every Thursday on Fox at 8pm, it's going to be quite the season at The Jefffersonian.

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