THE CLOSER Season 5 Episode 6 "Tapped Out" Review

I just saw an advance copy of the new The Closer "Tapped Out" (Season 5 Episode 6) airing Monday, July 13 at 9/8c on TNT. In "Tapped Out", the team investigates the death of a reality show pick-up artist about to roll out a new TV show. Things go downhill when a police impersonator steals the evidence in the case and conducts his own investigation. **SPOILER ALERT** The funny part is that he steals the evidence from none other than Chief Pope, Provenza and Flynn.

It was a funny episode as it revolves mostly around the team trying to undo the mess caused by the impersonator. This leads to some pretty funny moments with Brenda and her team always finding themselves a step behind the impostor. Imagine being a cop arriving to inform the family of the deceased, only to find out that another "cop" has beat you to the punch. Now imagine that this happens at every stage of the investigation. Welcome to the world of police impersonation.

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